Runte has become a partner in the fresh and cold chain of HEMA, officially entering the new retail era!
Column:News information Time:2017-09-16
With the hot of "HEMA fresh life", HEMA fresh life has entered the southwest.

With the "HEMA fresh life" hot, HEMA fresh life enters the southwest. The news of the first Guizhou store has attracted widespread attention in the retail industry and refrigeration industry. As we all know, HEMA fresh life is an o2o fresh experience Museum, so cold chain products are an important part of it. All refrigeration companies are paying attention to its process, and making a lot of efforts to enter the platform, After measuring the company's strength, product brand, product quality and after-sales service, HEMA Xiansheng finally chose "runte - hailkaili" as the industry partner of cold chain products.

Runte company can become the cold chain partner of HEMA fresh this time, which is not an accident, but an inevitable result. Since its establishment in 2003, it has been in the leading position in the cold chain industry. The company has established a complete set of business management mode and comprehensive supporting facilities, with a group of excellent management talents and technical talents, which makes the company achieve rapid and steady development, installation The construction of cold chain project has spread all over the national market.

Relying on the brand advantage and reliable quality of hailkaili, as well as the industry reputation and high-quality service accumulated by runte in the past ten years. The company has successfully changed from a simple cold chain supplier to a partnership with HEMA Xiansheng, which indicates that the company has entered a long development river in the new retail era and marks the birth of a new milestone.

The fresh and cold chain part of HEMA fresh is fully built by my "runte hailkaili". At present, the project is still in full swing. In terms of personnel arrangement, there are experienced and careful senior project managers, professional and skilled senior technicians, as well as business managers who constantly coordinate and urge the progress of work. All efforts are to guarantee The smooth implementation of the project ensures the quality of the cold chain. Runte makes every effort to ensure the stable operation of the cold chain and the comfortable high-end experience of customers' shopping.

The new retail era has come. High technologies such as HEMA fresh, unmanned convenience stores and so on have gradually entered the lives of ordinary people. Runte is also constantly adjusting the industrial model, keeping up with the trend of the times, making the company platform and flat personnel structure, so that the company can better integrate into the new business field and make better development in the future.

At present, the HEMA fresh Guizhou store is scheduled to open on September 28, 2017. High tech and convenient life is about to open. Please wait and see!