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The advantages of our cold storage


1, the perfect CAD engineering design, advanced production technology, strict quality assurance management, ensure that products are checked at every stage of production, so that the requirements of users become a reality.

2, professional technology plus excellent selection, to ensure that the system is more reliable.

3, cold storage door lock equipped with a safety device to unlock, even after the library door lock can also be opened, effectively ensure the safety of the operator.

4, the main components of cold storage are imported and domestic famous brands, to ensure that the freezer configuration is reasonable, stable operation, good insulation properties.

5, cold storage refrigeration control system uses fully automatic microcomputer control technology, intelligent computer temperature control, high temperature and humidity sensor temperature and humidity recorder (with alarm device);

6, freezer temperature setting; automatic temperature thermostat; automatic switch, without manual monitoring; digital temperature display.

7, professional construction team, each construction workers have long-term refrigeration engineering construction experience, after rigorous job training.