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Refrigerated transport in our country there is a huge room for development


According to the report: According to the Chinese Society of Refrigeration estimates, about 20-25% of fruits and 30% of vegetables decay in transit, storage and decay each year due to the backward technology of preservation. The total amount of losses is as high as 100 million tons per year, worth 75 billion yuan yuan. This alarming waste shows that there is a huge space for development of refrigerated transport in our country.

   It is learned from the first "Shanghai Refrigeration Festival" held on the 18th that at present, China has an annual output of 30 million tons of poultry and meat products, nearly 20 million tons of eggs, 6 million tons of dairy products and dairy products, 61 million tons of fruits and vegetables Nearly 35,000 tons, with the improvement of living standards, these perishable foods are refrigerated transport.

   According to the estimates from the railway department, from 2001 to 2010, the annual traffic volume of China's perishable food will grow from 19 million tons to 75 million tons. At present, there are about 8,000 refrigerated trucks in China, of which about half are mechanical refrigerated trucks , We must vigorously develop a new type of railway refrigerated trucks. At present, a new type of railway refrigerated truck that adopts environment-friendly refrigerants has been trialled at the Jiangwan Thermal Insulation Section of Shanghai Railway Bureau. The system of automatic control, operation display, fault forecast and safety alarm of the new type of railway refrigerator refrigerators has been improved.

   Convenient and flexible refrigerated vehicles play an increasingly important role in our refrigerated transport. It is predicted that from 2001 to 2005, China's annual road transport of refrigerated transport will be increased from 12.58 million tons to 17.67 million tons, an average annual increase of 7%, road refrigerated transport accounted for the total amount of refrigerated cargo transport will also be 25 % To 30%. In the meantime, the demand for refrigerated vehicles in our country will also increase substantially. Most of medium-sized vehicles will be replaced by light, mini and heavy vehicles. New energy refrigerated vehicles such as liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide and cold storage plates are coming more and more The more popular.