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Cold storage knowledge


First, a complete cold chain logistics system

China's complete and independent cold chain system has not yet been formed, the degree of marketization is very low, and the conditions for the freezing and refrigerating enterprises can be transformed into the distribution center for the supermarket chain to form a joint operation mode of the refrigerated and frozen enterprises, supermarkets and chain stores. The establishment of food refrigeration supply chain, the perishable, fresh food from the acquisition, processing, storage, transportation, sales, until all aspects of consumers are in a standard low-temperature environment in order to ensure the quality of food, reduce unnecessary Loss, to prevent food deterioration and pollution.

Second, cold storage construction scale

Fruit and vegetable producing areas should focus on the construction of air conditioning cold storage, the scale should be large, medium and small combined to develop medium-sized appropriate. The construction of mechanized gas storage should be preferentially promoted prefabricated production, field assembly mode cold storage engineering products, fruit and vegetable producing areas suitable for building single-storey cold storage and small and medium-sized cold storage; plastic film, greenhouses, large account, silicon windows, small plastic film Packaging and other air-conditioning facilities is the focus of our development. In economically developed cities, the development of medium-sized cold storage, the establishment of frozen food storage wholesale market. Shanghai Refrigeration Installation Company proposed to small and medium-sized cold storage open to the community, providing paid warehouse services, information services, operating logistics services.

Third, cold storage refrigeration equipment development

Refrigeration equipment industry should focus on the development of advanced and common in the international market below the level of 60 HP split or integrated and equipped with electronic technology automation unit, the computer and automation technology widely used in the automatic control of the entire refrigeration system, the purpose is Refrigeration industry upgrading, to extend the industrial chain and reduce project costs.

Fourth, the overall development plan of the industry

Cold storage industry must be unified under the coordination of relevant departments, to strengthen the overall planning and coordination, and vigorously develop the construction of cold chain logistics system.

With the update of freezing and refrigeration technology. Cold storage project tentacles have been deep into more areas. In chemical raw materials, pharmaceuticals, scientific research, cold drinks, flowers, green plants, tea, medicines, electronic instrumentation, mushroom cultivation, air conditioning library, logistics and so on. Freezer refrigeration technology in all fields, the more the deeper antenna, to a certain extent, increased the number of cold storage needs. The increase in the number of cold storage is brought about by the increasing demand for cold storage. It is understood that China's refrigeration and freezing needs to be at an annual rate of 30% increase. This is a huge opportunity for cold storage companies. Also indicates that our refrigeration refrigeration industry is gradually and perfect.

Cold storage throughout the country in full swing, no doubt for the development of China's cold storage business has provided many opportunities. Many companies cater to the rapid development and expansion of opportunities. With the rapid development of the cold plate industry momentum, many companies have also joined the cold plate manufacturing and production of the cause. The competition between cold storage enterprises is also getting bigger and bigger. What followed was that the mighty enterprises were more powerful and the smaller enterprises had more and more narrow space to survive. Quality, price become a killer competition between the cold plate business.

Since the reform and opening up, China's total output value of the food industry has increased by more than 10% each year, but there is still a long way to go to meet the needs of society. This provides more space for the development of quick-frozen food and fresh food. Accompanying the promulgation and fulfillment of "Planning for the Development of Cold Chain Logistics of Agricultural Products", the cold chain logistics of agricultural products in China is expected to reach a large span during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, and the refrigeration and refrigeration industry also ushers in a grand undertaking.